What if it is cloudy?

We can book the date at another time without extra cost. There is normally good weather in the Costa del Sol but about 30 per year is raining. It is advisable to make the photos on a bright sunny day.

What are your Real Estate Photography Fees?

If you are an individual owner looking for pictures for your rental villa or to sell your property, the prices range from €150,00 upwards. The payment is done in full on the day of the photoshoot in cash or you can do a bank transfer days in advance. We also accept BIZUM.

How do you deliver the photos?

We send all your pictures via Internet using the www.wetransfer.com service. We can also provide a pendrive at an additional cost of €15,00

Can I see the images before I pay?

We request full payment in advance for all new clients. We fully guarantee all our work and we ensure you are 100% satisfied. If we see any photo is not up to standards we will redo them at no cost.

How can I ensure the images are good quality?

We have a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. We also redo all photos as per your requirements if necessary. Please note that if we refund all your money, you are required to fully delete all pictures and sign an agreement of no use of the photos.

How long does it take?

Our normal time for the photoshoot starts at one hour but can extend until all photos are done with the quality we require. A big villa with 6 or more rooms takes from 3 hours.

Where do you work?

We are based in Mijas and cover the entire Costa del Sol. From Malaga, passing Torremolinos Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Mijas, Marbella, all the way to Estepona. We also cover the nearby towns of Alhaurín El Grande, Alhaurín de la Torre

What if we want you to come to a property outside your area?

You will be quoted an extra payment for the traveling.

What is your equipment?

We have high-end equipment from Canon. Several lenses for wide angle and/or details. We also have our own lighting equipment to ensure your property is well represented in the pictures.

What do you require to be done in advance?

We would like the property to look the best. So be prepared to make it look superb.

For rental properties: Make sure everything is clean and tidy. Do not put articles you will not later supply to the client, like champagne, wine, fresh fruit or amenities. You need to be accurate on what the client should expect. Your gardens need to be tidy, the pool clean, sunbeds and patio furniture out and ready to be used.

For “Sell” properties: the property needs to be clean and tidy. Extra items can be included like champagne, wine, flowers, fruit, etc. We need to show the new owners a sample of the life they can enjoy here. Gardens and pool need to be clean and tidy. We can fix in Photoshop your patchy grass, empty pool, “green” pool water, but make sure there is no peeled paint, broken furniture or humidity signs.

As we go around the property we will fix and tidy articles, remove unwanted things to later replace them. Kitchen appliances need to be tidy like removing magnets from the refrigerator, cleaning supplies like sponges or dish washing liquid.

You are also required to make sure:

  • All light bulbs need to work.
  • Place all cushions and towels out on the outside garden furniture.
  • Ensuring the pool is clean and free of leaves.
  • De-clutter all rooms of piles of magazines, personal photos, children’s toys, etc.

Can you Photoshop the images?

We edit all images image to maximize quality and ensure vibrant colors and good lighting. We also remove cranes from the view or unwanted electrical cables. If you require deep Photoshop editing like including models, furniture or the like, we can send you a separate quotation for the extra time.

Can I use the images as I wish?

All images are yours to use as you need to promote your property for rentals or selling. However, you cannot use the photos to be sold to third parties like online stock photography sites or to print them to be sold in stores or online.

Can I have a canvas print?

You can use the images for your personal use as long as you need. This include prints, mugs, cushions, t-shirts, etc. As long as they are not sold for profit.

Do you provide video, aerial photography and websites?

We work with 2 certified drone pilots who can quote separate for your needs.

Please see my Real Estate Photography portfolio here and if you need answers to your questions see my FAQs or fill out this form below and you will get answers pretty soon.